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About Us


Cooling has become critical to our everyday lives, especially exterior cooling. Market trends show increasing demand for cooling appliances and outdoor hospitality preferences by customers.

 The answer to this need is the creation of the 1st outdoor air conditioner without an electrical connection - Kenshō.  Our vision is to cool the world without increasing greenhouse gas levels and enjoy the outdoors despite the climate changes. Our company name express our vision, Green Cooling Mushroom (=Kinoko).

Green Kinoko presents Kenshō – Better than weather: An elegant outdoor cooling air conditioner based on a smart patented cooling technology. A new cooler outdoor experience at restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, events and venues with exterior hospitality.  We enable hospitality professionals to expand and accelerate all spaces, regardless weather limitations. Empowering them with tools to seamlessly streamline and scale their unique experience everywhere and any time.

Kenshō by Green Kinoko brings the green revolution to the outdoor cooling market and expected to reach high market share. The great business potential inherent in the product has already brought great demand for collaborations in order to be a part of the success.

About Us

Our Story

Green Kinoko is a female-led company that creates exterior cooling solutions. Green Kinoko was born as one of the most innovative and exciting concepts Tal Leizer, the CEO, developed. We create high-end exterior cooling solutions.


Tal Leizer is the CEO of Green Kinoko and Practical Innovation. Tal founded "Practical Innovation" which has become one of the leading innovation companies in Israel. Her expertise in introducing ground-breaking innovation processes to traditional companies is highly regarded in Israel and around the world.


Iris Shimonov is the chairwoman of Green Kinoko. Iris has diverse experience and careers in various fields including the automotive industry, real estate, and entrepreneurship. Her rich experience in the various industries led her to team up with Tal Leizer and together they founded the Green Kinoko company that was set up to develop new cooling solutions in a warming world.

Our Story

Seasons change, bliss is here to stay

Kenshō by Green Kinoko

Green Kinoko created a new outdoor lifestyle experience thanks to our spectacular technology that is gaining global interest.

The customer enjoys the outside while the business enjoys additional space for hospitality and business expansion.

Unlike fans or water mists, our patented innovative technology allows an enjoyable outdoor experience at restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and other outdoor venues & events. 




Electrical infrastructure or power cables are not necessary for its operation.



Allows for enjoying cooling experience without annoying noise, unlike available outdoor cooling.

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Reduces humidity, doesn’t wet hair, phone or clothing, like cooling water mists.

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True coolness effect

Provide a sense of true coolness unlike fans or water mists.



Does not require electricity, simple and easy to move from place to place.

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Does not emit greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, hence does not increase planet-warming emissions.



Disinfection capsule clears the air from visible and invisible particles, chemicals, and bacteria.

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Insects Repellant

Insects control capsule prevent mosquitos from finding their target.


Our exclusive product and  technology are protected in a patent.​​

Our Benefits

Global Warming


Enjoy the outdoors despite the climate changes

Global warming is the long-term rise in the average temperature of the earth's temperatures. It is a major aspect of current climate change and has been demonstrated by direct temperature measurements and by measurements of various warming-related effects.

Our goal is to create an effective cooling solution that not only enhances people's outdoor experience but also contributes to the environment and helps to cope with global warming. Our technology solves many environmental challenges such as greenhouse gas emissions, electricity consumption, noise, and humidity creation.

In a warming world, Green Kinoko is leading a groundbreaking product with innovative technology that creates a new outdoor experience although the climate change.



Green Kinoko saw a way to make a positive impact on the environment. Thanks to our outstanding technological breakthrough we aim to cool in an innovative & efficient way.

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Our product contributes to the environment as it doesn’t emit toxic gases to the atmosphere.


Our product reduces the energy consumption and loads on the power net as it requires only a battery charge  night.


Smart City

Our product can easily integrate into smart city infrastructures.

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